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Bramwell Station Earthmoving Contractors

Bramwell Station Earthmoving Contractors, a joint partnership between Cape York locals, Vincent Bowyer and Wendy Kozicka, have been a major road construction contractor in the Cape’s far north since 2003.

Our contracting business, based at Bramwell Station, has been heavily involved in road maintenance through to bitumen standard, and thanks to the efforts of our local shire, Cook Shire Council, and State funding, we have been lucky to have been an involved construction crew and part of major improvements to road conditions in the Cape, lifting the average standard of our roads from a hollowed track in the sand back in 2002, and travel speeds of 20km an hour in many places when we first came to Bramwell, through to gravel formation.

A number of bitumen sections have been added over the years, and dips and gullies gradually improved road conditions as well. However after the annual Wet, there is still substantial flood damage to the dirt roads, and vehicles should always drive to prevailing conditions.

As well, BSEC has undertaken local district construction project works for various miners, National Parks, the Department of Environment, Main Roads Departments and also other shire councils in the district. Having home-based machinery has helped keep Bramwell’s own network of home access roads, fire breaks, fencelines and vegetation management roads in good order, especially after wind and water damage caused by the numerous weather low events that pass through our district often in formation stage, during the annual Wets.

BSEC has a regular machinery maintenance works within its management program, and we understand the importance of being current with Workplace practices to ensure the safety of staff and proper operations of the construction business. Bramwell is a locals’ first and equal opportunity employer, although in recent years this has been more difficult as locals have been increasingly absorbed by miners.

We do ask the travelling public to please don’t hurry on our roads, enjoy your holidays and observe speed reducing signs at job sites in the Cape.

Roadworks & Earthmoving Machinery in Cape York
Roadworks & Earthmoving Machinery in Cape York
Wet Season causing floods on dirt roads in Cape York
Roadworks & Earthmoving Machinery on a Truck in Cape York
Roadworks & Earthmoving Truck in Cape York