The number plate tree at Bramwell Station in Cape York

The Junction Roadhouse

Bramwell Station’s Service Center

Opened in July 2003, Bramwell Junction Roadhouse is right at the road junction of the Bamaga Road and the start of the famous four-wheel-drivers track, the OTL or Old Telegraph Line. Bramwell’s welcoming Roadhouse offers a spacious campgrounds and is the home of great takeaway foods, cold drinks and light beers, icecreams, and of course Unleaded and Diesel fuel and some supply stores in its shops – as well as great souvenirs. Check out the number plate tree, that is growing every year, and wander across the road for a first hand look at the giant anthills that are common in this area.

Old Telegraph Line’s Track

But best of all, visitors love the roadhouse for its friendly atmosphere, a place where they can chat to fellow four wheel drivers about road conditions and vehicles, and perhaps team up with newly met friends to tackle the OTL together next morning. Those who prefer the easy route, the Bamaga Road, often do the first three kilometres of the OTL to sit and watch the morning traffic attempt the difficult Palm Creek crossing and enjoy the photo opportunities – there are a number of safe good viewing sites at the top of the creek

The Tele Track, as it is affectionately known, follows the Cape’s Overland Telegraph Line gazetted route straight north through to the Jardine Ferry, challenging its users with some serious four wheel driving skills needed for crossings like Palm Creek, Alice and Gunshot Crossings and many others – but it is always noted, that often less experienced drivers taking their time seem to equally manage to cruise through the challenging obstacles with lots of photo memories and fun.