Music Muster guitar player at Bramwell Station's Big Weekend in Cape York

Music Muster Weekend

Cape York’s music weekend

The Music Muster will be held on the 8th, 9th and 10th of July 2021.

Starring The Clovers Three, Kerry Kennedy and Friends and the ever popular Bagman. The 3 bands will perform each night along with great food and party atmosphere.

The Music Muster will consist of three bands performing on Friday and Saturday, and two on Sunday. Saturday will also include activities for the children like our Jelly Eating Competition, Tug of War and Treasure Hunts. The licensed bar will be open from 10am each day with a buffet dinner at night and pizzas throughout the day, ice creams and soft drinks available at all times.

Tickets are available at the gate at $50 per car per day this includes camping and the show.
Sorry all our beds have been booked out.

The Clover Three band members playing at the Music Muster in Cape York at Bramwell Station

The Clovers Three are a dynamic celtic trio featuring the velvety yet powerful vocals of Tanya Powell and the flamboyant electric fiddle playing of multi Golden Fiddle Award winner Rabbit Robinson (also of international touring band the Round Mountain Girls). Completing the ensemble is the smooth guitar licks and rythyms, and vocals of Paul Carrigg.

The trio perform a variety of well known and loved contemporary and traditional Irish music including exciting ‘sit still if you dare’ fiddle tunes.

Do not miss this fabulous act.

Kerry Kennedy playing at the Music Muster in Cape York at Bramwell Station

Kerry Kennedy is Queensland born and breed,  and is from Dalby on the Darling Downs, and has been bought up with the love of country.

A veteran, in the music industry with over 30 years of entertaining experience, Kerry and his band, Double Barrel have toured extensively throughout Australia as well as international tours to Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand New Caledonia and Vanuatu, Playing at the world renowned Uster festival in Switzerland 3 times and the Fete Du Boeuf in New Caledonia 19 times.

Kerry Kennedy and DB are one of a handful of true and honest Australian “Touring” bands in the country.

Bagman playing at the Music Muster in Cape York at Bramwell Station

Bagman is one you’ll remember forever. Seven years now, he’s been appearing at Bramwell Station hammering out hits on guitar, harmonica, ukulele, and the humble recorder, this bloke plays a wide variety of styles. He describes his set as something for everyone.

Geoff lists influences as Dire Straits, Santana, Cold Chisel, Mozart, Pink Floyd, Ed Sheeran, Willie Nelson, Bach,  ACDC.  Add a dash of good clean fun, and you have an all round good time.

Your friends will say, ” Should’ve been there..”
Geoff says.  “If you miss this show, your life is meaningless.”

Bramwell Station Music Muster evening entertainment
Bramwell Station Music Muster kids having fun on the bucking bull
Bramwell Station Music Muster kids having fun with Jelly eating competition