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Bramwell Station

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Bramwell Cup Bush Carnival and Races

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All invited and welcome

June 30 July 1 & 2  2017

Our 1330 sq km Bramwell
Station is welcoming over our
neighbours and opening up for
Cape York visitors for the fourth
ever held fun carnival. We
wish to promote beautiful
Cape York and let our visitors
get to know our station as we
do, while at the same time
have some fun and involve
our neighbouring communities
and stations with some old style
horse races – only grass fed local
horses – and events for our younger
carnival goers, including poddy
rides, foot races and a talent
quest along with evening
music and entertainment.

The Carnival will be aiding the
Royal Flying Doctor Service.

For More Information, please contact us:

Bramwell Cup Bush Carnival
Main telephone: 07 40603300
Email:[email protected]
Carnival Event Manager:  Ken Godfrey